Do you want to keep your wedding dress so it can be passed down to a family member in the future? You may want to take your dress to a professional dry cleaning, as how the dress is cared for right after the ceremony will determine how long it can be preserved. Find out below about wedding dress preservation, as well as what you can expect to pay for it to be professionally done.

What Happens When a Wedding Dress is Preserved?

When you take your wedding dress to a dry cleaner for preservation, a professional will begin by thoroughly inspecting the dress to see what kind of cleaning is necessary. One of the areas that will be cleaned is the hem of the dress. If your wedding dress dragged across the floor as you walked, it is likely that dirt, grass or other debris got stuck in the hem. A professional can scrub the thread and manually remove debris that is stuck in the hem.

The fabric of your dress will be thoroughly cleaned after the hem is cleaned. Cleaning will be done according to the fabric, such as by way of wet or dry cleaning. Preserving your wedding dress through a dry cleaner is the best way to prevent yellowing of the fabric from occurring, which can happen if water or sweat is left on the dress. Wedding dress preservation can also prevent damage that includes:

  • Mold
  • Fading
  • Foul odors
  • Permanent creases

Dry cleaners will also place your wedding dress in a bag that is based on the fabric type. For instance, the bag used for storing your dress will be free of acid that can lead to damage. The dress will also be wrapped in acid-free muslin before being placed in the bag.

What is the Estimated Cost of Wedding Dress Preservation?

You can expect to pay a minimum of $200 if you are getting a wedding dress preserved that was not badly stained during the ceremony. However, the type of fabric being cleaned and severity of stains will affect the overall price. Wedding dress preservation can cost up to $800 on the highest end of the scale.

Passing on a wedding dress to a loved is not only special, but it is a good way to preserve the memory of your special day. Visit a dry cleaning company to get your wedding dress preserved as soon as possible! For more information, contact Cove Cleaners.