Your company office can suffer from many of the problems that your home can. For one, it can be come cluttered and even a bit dirty. The best way to maximize space and make your office appealing to others is to give it a monthly cleaning. Throughout the course of this brief article you will learn of just a few ways you can make sure that your office looks entirely presentable and is clean as a whistle. 

Clear Desk Space

While cleaning your office, make sure to remove all non-essential items from the desks and give them a good wipe down. Wipe each desk off with a dry cloth, then use a paper towel or different cloth with a disinfectant or all purpose cleaner applied, and finally wipe it down again with the dry cloth. Make sure that you remove all smudges from the desk. Replace all of the non-essential items in a way that is organized, neat, and aesthetically appealing.

Organize Paperwork

Organizing paperwork is a way to make your office far less cluttered and give you and your fellow employees easier access to important documents. First and foremost, gather all of the paperwork that is non-essential and that your business simply does not need. These documents can be shredded and subsequently recycled. Then, begin the process of utilizing file cabinets in your work space. Make sure that you organize and label these cabinets accordingly and file documents properly in them. If you really want to save space, and you believe this to be a good document sharing system for your office, you can scan all of your paperwork and make the move to digital.

Make Your Waiting Area Presentable

If your office has a public waiting area, make sure that it is free of clutter and presentable. Begin by vacuuming. It is, of course, recommended that you do this during a time when the public is not present. Make sure that the seating is appropriate for your clients. The seats should be free of grime and debris. If the windows in mirrors in the waiting room are dirty, use an all purpose cleaner or glass cleaner and wipe them down, making sure that the glass does not streak after doing so. Old magazines should be tossed and replaced with newer reading material.

Making sure that your company office is presentable is not a terribly difficult task. By clearing and cleaning things up just a little bit, you can make an office very home-like!

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