With heatwaves coming this summer, you can be sure to see a spike on your electricity bill when you turn the AC up. This is something that you have in exchange for having a nice cool home. If you want to lower your electricity bill but not sacrifice on cooling, here are some tips that can help you save energy and stay cool during the worst heatwaves this summer:

1. Find And Stop Air Leaks That Cause Energy Loss

There are many places in your home where air can leak out of your home. This can cause cold drafts in winter months, but can also cause your home to be warmer in summer. It is a good idea to stop any air leaks by doing things like sealing around windows and doors, and repairing damage to weather stripping. In addition, you may want to improve insulation in the attic and other areas of your home that may be insufficient, such as in an unfinished area like a garage or in the basement.

2. Improve AC With Simple DIY Repairs And Improvements

There are also repairs that you can do to your AC and save on service calls. It is a good idea to check things like the batteries in a thermostat and problems like loose cables. You may also want to check the insulation of ductwork for damage and do repairs. If you have old worn insulation on ductwork, you can talk with a home renovation contractor about reinsulating your ducts to reduce energy loss.

3. Schedule Regular Servicing For Maintenance Of AC And Heating

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is also important, which you will want to schedule maintenance during the winter and summer months. Many HVAC services also offer service contracts, which can include a regular visit to do tasks like changing the air filters or cleaning the condensing coils, as well as other small repairs that you may need throughout the year. This can be more affordable than paying for each visit because it will be included in the fees of your maintenance contract.

These are some tips to help you keep your energy costs down this summer and still keep your home comfortably cool. If you need help keeping the energy in your home and staying cool, contact a chimney sweep like Flue Doctor Chimney Service to get help with cleaning your heating and cooling systems. They can help with some of the maintenance to make your cooling more efficient this summer.