One of the things that separates average landlords from top-level landlords is the care the latter group takes to prepare their rental units for new tenants. After your current tenant moves out and your rental unit — whether it's a condo unit or an entire house — is empty, you should invest time in thoroughly cleaning the space. Even if the tenant cleaned upon moving out, it's your responsibility to put some effort into ensuring that the rental unit is spotless for your new tenants. Here are some advantages to hiring a residential cleaning service for this task.

You'll Save Time

When you have rental properties, you might be managing different units while also working at a day job. In this scenario, the last thing you'll have time to do is thoroughly clean each of your rental units between tenants. For an entire house, this work may take the better part of a whole day, which is probably not the way you want to spend your weekend. By hiring a residential cleaning service for the job, you'll free up the hours in your day to work at your day job, manage your other property investments, or enjoy some rare downtime with family.

The Job Will Be Done Better

Unless you have a background in residential cleaning, it's safe to say that your professional cleaner will do a better job than you. While you might be up for pushing the vacuum around and wiping down surfaces in the kitchen, you can count on the residential cleaning service doing much more to transform the interior of the home. Professional cleaners tackle specific things such as dusting the baseboards, meticulously cleaning all of the appliances, cleaning the interior and exterior of windows, scrubbing the floors, and more.

The Cost Can Count As A Business Expense

When you manage one or more rental units, you'll want to spend as little in taxes as possible. Hiring a residential cleaning service gives you the ability to write off this cost at tax time, given that this is an investment that you're making in your income property. Just as you may be able to write off different renovation projects because they're considered investments, writing off the expense of having your units professionally cleaned between tenants will help you to pay less in taxes. The savings may be considerable if you have multiple units and hire a cleaning service several times a year.

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