If you are moving out of your apartment or rental house soon, then you are likely trying to figure out what you need to do to get your entire security deposit back from your landlord. Your landlord doesn't want to keep your deposit; they would much rather that you took the time to thoroughly clean your space before you leave so they don't have to deal with calling in a professional move out service. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to ensure that you get back your whole deposit, including each of the following:

Degrease the Kitchen

The easiest way to deep clean your kitchen is to wait until you have removed all of your belongings. Once the kitchen is empty, mix up a bucket of soapy hot water. Use a few tablespoons of liquid dish soap because it will cut the grease better than other kitchen cleaners.

Using a rag or sponge soaked in the soapy water, wipe down every surface in your kitchen. Take special care to clean:

  • the inside and outside of the refrigerator
  • the stove
  • all of the counters
  • the dishwasher

In addition, you need to mop the kitchen floor using the soapy water. Once you have removed the grease from the floor, then use a floor wax to make it shine.

Wash the Windows

Though no one likes washing windows, you really do need to take the time and do the hated task so you can recoup your rental deposit. Use a high-quality glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to make the job easier. Don't forget to clean both inside and outside of the windows if you are able to do so.

Clean All Window Sills, Baseboards, and Ceiling Fans

Since dust and dirt accumulates on all of the flat surfaces of your home, you should work from the ceilings down and dust each of the following:

  • ceiling fans
  • light fixtures
  • window sills
  • counters
  • baseboards

In addition, take the time to also wipe down all of the lightswitch and outlet covers.

Vacuum and Shampoo the Carpets

Finally, once the rest of your old rental space has been cleaned, then you need to vacuum the carpets and bare floors to remove any dust. After you vacuum, then as the last task before leaving, you should shampoo the carpets so the entire apartment will look and smell clean and fresh. When your landlord does their walkthrough, each of these things will help persuade them to return your security deposit in full.

If, however, you lack the time to perform a deep cleaning, consider hiring a move out cleaning service, like Apelila's In and Out Cleaning LLC, provided that the cost of hiring them is less than the amount of your security deposit.