Shag carpet may have faded out of style after the 1970s, but long-fibered carpets are making a comeback! They may not be quite as fluffy as the shag carpets of yesteryear, but today's long-fibered carpets are just as luxurious—and demanding. Here are some tips to help you better care for your long-fibered carpet.

Have it professionally shampooed.

Most home carpet shampooers are not designed to deal with long-fibered carpets. They may get caught on the fibers, causing the carpet to fray, and they may not thoroughly extract water from the fibers. This could lead to mold and mildew growth. Professional carpet cleaners, on the other hand, have more powerful equipment that will effectively remove more water from the carpet post-shampoo. They also have special attachments for this type of carpet so they won't risk fraying and damaging it.

Part the carpet and blot when you have a spill.

If you spill something, whether it's wine or soy sauce, you'll need to be very careful when cleaning it up. Start by placing a layer of towels on top of the carpet and pressing straight down. This should soak up some of the liquid. Next, part the carpet down the middle of the stain and blot it again. Then, part it a little ways over, and repeat the blotting. Keep parting and blotting until the liquid is all absorbed.

Vacuum with a good brush.

If you just vacuum over the carpet with a floor attachment, you'll only suck up the dirt that's resting on the very surface of the carpet. What you really need is a vacuum brush designed specifically for long-fibered carpets. The teeth of the brush will part the carpet fibers as you move the vacuum over them. This way, you'll extract dirt from between the fibers—not just from the top.

Be careful when placing furniture.

When placing furniture on the carpet, try to part the fibers and set the furniture so that it's down within the carpet. This way, you won't be compressing the carpet fibers as much. Also be careful when moving furniture. Always pick furniture up and set it down; never slide it. Sliding may cause the fibers to catch and pull under the furniture.

To learn more about caring for your long-fibered carpet, look at the care instructions that the manufacturer likely provided when you purchased it. If you have misplaced this information, reach out to a carpet cleaning company in your area. They should be able to give you some tips based on their real-life experience.