A fireplace is a nice feature for a home to have, but you must make sure that it is taken care of. If you just bought a house that came with a fireplace, it is important for you to take the measures that are needed to prevent it from being a fire hazard. For example, the chimney must be cleaned every now and then, such as by hiring a professional to perform the job to make sure it is thorough. Neglecting to give your fireplace maintenance can also lead to it causing other problems in your house. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the important things concerning fireplace chimneys.

What Makes a Dirty Fireplace Dangerous?

The main thing that makes fireplace dangerous is an accumulation of creosote. Basically, creosote is a tar-like substance that occurs naturally when wood is burned in the fireplace. When you allow creosote to accumulate for a long time, it ends up preventing air from flowing through the chimney. It is important for air to come through the chimney so incomplete combustion won't occur, as it can lead to you being exposed to carbon monoxide. Too much creosote in the chimney can also lead to your fireplace catching on fire, which could lead to you losing your house.

Why Should a Chimney Be Cleaned by a Professional?

There are products that you can buy in stores to remove the creosote that builds up in a chimney. However, the chimney cleaning products are unable to do a thorough job at removing creosote. If you hire a professional to perform the task, commercial tools can be used for removing large amounts of creosote. During the process of the chimney being cleaned, the contractor can also look for any problems that you should be concerned about. It is actually a good idea to get the chimney cleaned on a regular basis if you intend on using it a lot.

When Should a Chimney Be Repaired?

A chimney might need to be repaired if you begin to notice large amounts of moisture in your house. For instance, the moisture problem will be more severe in the areas of your house that are closest to the fireplace. You might notice drywall becoming discolored from the moisture, or even wallpaper peeling off of the walls. Spalling and old mortar are some of the common problems that can lead to a chimney causing moisture problems.

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