Flooding can happen anytime for any reason., Whether there was a flood in your home due to a major storm system in your area or if an appliance malfunctioned, you may have had several inches of water get into your home. If your home has flooded and the water sat for some time in your kitchen, your kitchen cabinets may need to be fixed. If you have had an issue with water damage in your cabinets, you can clean up the cabinets and salvage some of the wood. Here are three steps to taking care of wood cabinets after a flood. 

Unhinge and dry the cabinet doors

One of the first things that you should do is take the cabinet doors off of the hinges, then place them outside to dry. Drying wood can take quite some time, so having the wood in a sunny place where the water can be soaked up is best. If you do not have exterior space, set up a fan and place the cabinet doors on a towel or sheet in front of the fan. Even after the cabinet doors look dry, allow the doors to remain for one extra day. If the doors have not swelled too badly, they may be able to be fixed by stripping the bottom and replacing the bottoms of the doors. 

Remove the bottom of the cabinet

If there was a flood in your home, standing water can easily cause damage to the bottoms of your cabinets. It is best to get rid of the waterlogged wood that can become molded or can begin to rot. Remove the bottoms of all of your cabinets with the appropriate saw tools and hammers. When you remove the bottoms of the counters, have a water damage restoration service come to your home to clean and dry the floor before you replace the cabinet. This will make sure that your home is not at risk of mold, nor will the floors rot and ruin the new pieces of your cabinetry. 

Replace and reinforce the bottoms

After you have removed the bottoms of your cabinets, you will need to have them rebuilt. Find pressed wood that matches the measurements that you need for the bottoms of your wood cabinets. Once you have the cabinet bottoms measured to fit, stain the bottoms so that they properly match your doors. Once you have the replacement bottoms inside, reattach the doors to the cabinets and proceed to use the cabinetry as usual. 

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