Your job as a landlord can involve all kinds of tasks that keep you busy, but one of the most time consuming processes could easily be getting a vacated rental unit ready for the next tenant. When one tenant moves out, it is your job to go into the property and spiff it up, and just doing this can mean all kinds of extra work on your plate that you may not have the time to handle. Check out these three professionals you should look up when you have a vacated rental property who can help you get an empty unit ready for advertising and the next new tenant. 

Hire a professional cleaning service. 

If you are lucky, when the tenant that inhabited the property moves out, they will clean everything up. However, most of the time, the unit will not get the good deep cleaning that it really needs to be ready for the next tenant. A professional cleaning service can come in and do all of that hard-cleaning work, such as cleaning the walls and emptying the cabinetry of anything that got left behind. Just this one service alone can save you days of time if you choose to clean the property on your own. 

Hire a residential painting service. 

It is a general rule that the interior of a home will have to be painted after every tenant moves out, especially if a tenant spent a while in the unit. Therefore, painting is almost always part of the prep work that will go into getting an empty unit ready for the next tenant. Instead of tackling this time-consuming task o your own, consider hiring a residential painting service that can do it for you. They can come in and have the unit painted in its entirety usually within a day or two when it could take you a lot longer to complete. 

Hire a professional pest control agent. 

It is always best to have a rental unit treated by a pest control agent when it is vacant because this is the easiest time to actually treat everything and determine if there is a pest problem in the unit. Pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, and even fleas can be harder to spot hen a unit is occupied, so having the place treated while it is empty will help ensure it is pest free before you rent it to the next tenant.