Event facility owners spend a lot of time planning the layout and the decor of their property to create the most enticing location for the public. They invest heavily in the interior design, have amazing light and sound systems and make certain the staff is properly trained. So, it is frustrating for them to receive negative reviews after a wedding reception or other gathering stating the facility was dirty. 

What Causes Complaints

One of the complaints busy facilities receive is not on the cleanliness of the bathrooms or the hall itself but with the carpeting. Many people at these events are wearing shoes that sacrifice comfort for appearance. This means they often remove their shoes during the evening to dance or even just to mingle. It is at this point people easily detect whether or not the carpeting is really clean. 

Why Dirt Remains

The complaints could come as a surprise to people that clean the flooring after every event. What they fail to remember is that the carpet may need to be cleaned before as well. People touring the facility, vendors and the staff are all tracking in debris. Sticky stains (think about mixed drinks and the heavy sauces on many buffet dishes) can sink to the backing of the carpet and may take two cleanings before all of the mess is extracted. This is often the case during an event where people are walking across the stained area and pushing the spill further into the fibers.

Who to Call

Keep a professional facility carpet cleaning service on call for every event. They are as necessary as the caterers, the wait staff and the florist. Obviously, they cannot work during the party, but they should be there at least occasionally before a big event and as soon as possible after the party ends. The service should apply stain guard products to reduce the damage each spill makes. This needs to be done more frequently with commercial carpeting because of the heavy traffic the carpet experiences. They also deep clean to remove the debris beneath the carpet that leads to sticky spots and unpleasant odors. 

A few simple steps help to prevent some of these biggest cleaning issues. Avoid installing carpet where the buffet tables and the bar are located. Use removable carpet runners in entry areas and replace them immediately before an event. Make certain extra runners are clean and available during the winter or in wet weather in case they need to be replaced during the party. Have the carpeting professionally cleaned and maintained from the moment it is installed. Finally, train the staff to unobtrusively address spills as soon as possible during the event.