You should have your carpets cleaned by a professional periodically. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense if you don't have pets in the house, regular cleaning can actually prolong the life of your carpet. Not only that, it removes allergens, dust, and dirt you may not even know is there. If you have pets or if someone smokes in your home, then there are probably foul odors trapped in your carpet too. Regular cleaning leaves your carpets free from destructive grit and keeps them smelling fresh. You can choose between steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods. Here's why dry cleaning is often the best choice:

Dry Cleaning Eliminates Problems With Mold

One big drawback to cleaning your carpets with water is that it takes the carpet a long time to dry. If the water is not extracted as much as possible, your carpet may take on a mildew odor. Steam cleaning uses a lot of water and it could take your carpet a couple of days to dry, which is plenty of time for mold to start to grow. Dry carpet cleaning uses a tiny amount of water so your carpet is dry in about two hours. This ensures mold won't grow after having your carpet cleaned and you won't have to worry about a sour or moldy odor developing in your carpet.

Dry Cleaning Relies On Natural Methods

While many carpet cleaners rely on chemicals to get the dirt out of your carpet, some dry cleaners avoid the use of harsh cleaners. Even if steam cleaners avoid the use of toxic chemicals, they still often rely on soaps or detergents to get your carpet clean. Soapy solutions leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt once the carpet is dry. This causes your carpet to get dirty faster and it may harm the fibers over time. You can find a carpet dry cleaner that uses a method called carbonation to get dirt and odors out of the fibers of your carpet.

Carbonation is a completely natural cleaning method similar to the carbonation bubbles you see in soda. The bubbles scrub the fibers and lift dirt, pet hairs, and allergens to the surface of the carpet where it can be easily vacuumed away. If you have small children or pets that spend a lot of time on your carpet, or if someone in your home has allergies, then using a nontoxic method of cleaning your carpet is probably very important to you.

The dry cleaning method of carpet cleaning is convenient in that you can walk on your carpet again in just a few hours. It's effective at removing odors and it can remove stains and pet urine as well. It is a method to consider when it's time to clean your carpets, especially if you need them to get dry in a hurry.