If you own a restaurant, you know how much work and personal satisfaction this may bring you. The key to having the customers you want on a routine basis will largely depend on the quality of your customer service. Taking time to care for every aspect of your business is sure to be the first step in making the profits you want. One thing you must do is keep the hood of your stove in excellent condition, and this means knowing specific tips to help you clean it.

Tip #1: Turn off the power

Of course, you may get in a hurry with all the tasks you will need to complete each day and forget to turn off the stove. The last thing you will want to do is start to clean the hood of this device with the power on at any time.

Doing this could be dangerous and could cause a fire to break out in your restaurant. It's a good idea to make a note of this if you tend to be extremely busy or forgetful.

Tip #2: Cover the surfaces

Taking time to cover all the surfaces of your stove is vital to ensure there isn't any damage when you're working on the hood. It's essential to use a plastic wrap or aluminum foil for this job because both of these can protect this area.

Tip #3: Remove the grease pans

It's essential to take all of the grease pans from the stove and empty these before attempting to clean the hood. This can prevent it from getting on the hood or after you wash it.

Tip #4: Use a reliable cleaning solution

When it comes to tackling the hood, you will want to be certain to have the right products on hand to do this job. Some things you will need include a bucket, cleaning rags, brushes for the detail and a potent cleaning solution.

Be sure to take the time to scrub the hood and remove all the dirt and debris from all areas of it for optimal results.

The key to having a clean cooking space will rest in being proactive and merely doing this task. The hood of your stove is sure to be one that gets the filthiest, and it's important to keep it clean. Be sure to consult with a cleaning service, like National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group , to help you do this job if necessary today!