Floods create millions of dollars in property damage. When the floods finally recede, homeowners have to return to houses that are demolished and filthy from the flood waters. If you have recently been in a flood of this type, but this is the first time you are experiencing this type of natural disaster, here is what you should expect to see in your home as you begin the clean-up process.


Mud, next to every water-logged carpet and piece of furniture, is going to be everywhere. Floods bring mud up from the ground around the homes and from nearby waterways. As the water begins to recede, the mud gets deposited along the way. If your home is not a total loss, you will be scrubbing mud out of every corner and crevice for months.

Gritty Debris

Rising water is not just water. The water stirs up sand, small pebbles, and gritty debris, swirling these flowing contents within itself. Just like the mud, the gritty debris finds a home inside various areas of your house. You will find that the gritty debris settles most often in your carpets, where the carpet fibers grab hold of the gritty stuff as it swirls past. This, and mud, is what ruins carpets. You will need to remove all of the affected carpeting and carpet pads underneath.

Dead Critters

When the flood waters come from nearby waterways, you will see your share of dead fish, dead waterbugs, dead rodents and small animals, and anything else dead that got caught up in the flow of the water. In fact, you will probably smell the dead things before you spot them. All of these dead things will need to be scooped up, bagged, and heaved into a dumpster.

Definitive Signs of Water Damage

As you begin the long task of cleaning up your home, the water soaked into your walls and small spaces will evaporate, leaving clear signs of water damage everywhere. These definitive signs of water damage will not be limited to what you can see either. What you can see is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the water damage is hidden behind the walls and between ceilings and floors. For that, you will need the expert care of water damage services. Hopefully, your home can be mostly restored.

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