Owning a home with a basement gives you a lot of flexibility with how you use the extra space. Since it is separated from your house by a door and flight of stairs, you do not have to treat it as an extension of your home with a living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms that your family can use.

One possibility is finishing the basement and turning the entire space into a rental. Adding a private entry is a crucial feature, but you may deem it worthwhile to have your own basement rental. Even if the carpet is new, you should hire a carpet cleaning service before renting out the basement.

Move-In Condition

A great reason for carpet cleaning is to make sure that the move-in condition for your tenant is spotless. You do not want them to fill out the move-in sheet stating that the carpet is dirty; not only can this make a poor impression on a tenant, but it can keep people from moving in.

For instance, a potential tenant may look through the basement and like most of what they see, but dirty carpets might be a deal-breaker. Showing off great cleanliness is something that will have a positive impact on applicants.


Once you have a tenant move into the basement apartment, you want to protect the new carpeting. Although some tenants may do an incredible job of avoiding wear and tear, you can also reduce how much deterioration happens in the beginning with a professional carpet cleaning service.

If you do not want to get carpet protection for the entire basement, you can focus on the areas with high foot traffic, such as the main entrance, hallway, and living room. This is one way that you will prolong the life of the carpet and minimize how much work needs to be done over time.


While finishing the basement, mistakes can happen. It makes sense to install the carpet before you complete every other project, which may make the carpet susceptible to staining. If the carpet picked up any stains, you will appreciate removing them before renting out the apartment. You do not want potential tenants to see these stains when doing a walkthrough of the unit.


Since you will have so much work done in the basement, construction dust buildup is inevitable. Since carpet picks up dust easily, you do not want to leave it alone before listing as a rental. By having your carpet cleaned, you can protect potential tenants from any allergy symptoms in the basement.

Investing in carpet cleaning is a smart move before you start advertising your basement rental. For more information, you can contact companies like John Wecker Carpet Cleaning.