A commercial vacuum is an investment, and you want to ensure that investment pays off. You can ensure that your commercial vacuum lasts an extended number of years by making sure that you care for it properly.

#1 Never Stretch the Cord

Stress to all employees who use the commercial vacuum that they should never stretch the cord. Set up a protocol for where to plug the vacuum in for each room or area within your business. By setting up exactly where the vacuum should be plugged in for cleaning specific areas, you take the guess work out of this issue, and can ensure that the cord is never stretched further than it should be.

A damaged cord, although potentially fixable, can greatly compromise the lifespan of your commercial vacuum. A damaged cord can be avoided by not stretching the cord too far and by properly pulling out the cord from the socket.

#2 Check the Bag

At the start of each shift, before using the vacuum, make sure that your employees know how to check the bag. Some commercial vacuums use bags to store the dirt, and other commercial vacuums have bag-less compartments that you can empty out.

Either way, if the bag or the dirt storage container is at or around 2/3 of the way full, it should be emptied out and changed. You do not want to wait for the bag to be full. Waiting for the bag to be full reduces airflow throughout your vacuum and can reduce the ability of your vacuum to suck up materials. Over time, always waiting to change the bag until it is full will diminish the long-term life of your commercial vacuum.

#3 Check Both Filters

Commercial vacuums, unlike residential vacuums, usually have at least two filters. There is the micro filter, which is like the regular filter on most vacuums. The micro filter is responsible for getting rid of dirt and dust and should be cleaned whenever the filter starts to look dirty or starts to smell. This may be necessary on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how dirty the space is that needs to be cleaned and how often the vacuum is used.

Then there is the motor filter, which can be a little harder to access. The motor filter is an additional filter that removes any dirt that gets past the first filter before that dirt is able to get into the motor of your commercial vacuum. This filter generally needs to be replaced on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. Like the regular filter, it should be replaced whenever it actually looks like it is dirty. The motor filter is usually not cleanable and is a one-time use filter.

Make sure that your team is on board with how to take proper care of your commercial vacuum. Set up designated spots in each area of your business for the vacuum to be plugged into when in use. Have your employees check how full the bag is and empty it out before using the vacuum cleaner. Get your employees on board as well with cleaning out the micro-filter and keeping an eye on the motor filter. These simple steps will help extend the usability of your commercial vacuum.