There are more than 130 million household pets across the nation, and studies have shown that pets fare better when they are indoors. You love your pets and have them inside much of the time so you can enjoy their company and give your furry companions a comfortable and safe place to call their own.

When you have your pets inside, you have additional cleaning you have to do to keep your home in order. Pet hair and dander, along with pet stains from accidents with urine and feces become a concern. Your carpets, in particular, can be prone to more damage when you have indoor pets. Here are reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned whether you have a large breed of dog inside or a small cat.

Pets increase allergens

Pets shed, and that hair gets embedded on carpet and upholstery. Investing in a special vacuum with hypoallergenic properties helps to a small degree to manage the hair conditions in your home but won't eliminate your problem completely.

When you vacuum, some of the hair and debris that comes along with it gets pulled up, but much of that matter stays embedded in the lush carpet fibers. Since pet hair is linked to allergens and can make symptoms of allergies and asthma worse, the best solution is to have your carpets professionally cleaned periodically. It's up to you how often you have your carpets — and upholstery — professionally steam cleaned, but listening to the advice of your carpet cleaning specialist is your best option for keeping your home healthy.

Pets are messy

Whether it's your cat vomiting hairballs behind the couch or your puppy having yet another accident on your rug — not to mention muddy or grass-stained paws on your furniture — one thing is clear. Pets are messy, and their messes harbor bacteria, stains, and odors that are hard to get rid of.

Pet bathroom accidents are particularly alarming since the bacteria from urine and feces gets embedded deep inside your carpet and goes into the padding underneath. To prevent foul odors and destroying your carpets, try to keep your pets in an area of the home where they can do less damage if they have an accident, such as laundry room or another hard-surface area, and treat all pet stains with professional assistance. Your carpet and upholstery cleaning specialist will give you tips on keeping your carpets clean in the future.