Wood floors are a popular option for homeowners today. Not only are they appealing, but they are also durable and valuable additions to the home. Unfortunately, wood floors are not ideal for rooms that have a high moisture content. For example, you should not use wood floors in a bathroom. However, many manufacturers offer a ceramic tile that has the realistic look of wood that you will love without the worry of real wood warping and buckling. Thankfully, cleaning this faux wood tile is also a lot easier compared to cleaning traditional wood. Here are a few tips for your faux wood ceramic tile cleaning.


While surprising to learn, certain vacuums can be excellent tools for your faux wood ceramic floors. Make sure your vacuum has a hard-floor option, which offers a softer bottom to ensure the tile is not scratched.

Run the vacuum over your faux wood tile floors periodically, suctioning up any dirt, dust, hair, and other debris. If your vacuum has a handheld attachment, use it to clean the thin grout grooves between each tile, as well.

Wet Mop

If your faux wood tile floors require a more involved cleaning, consider a wet mop. If you vacuum regularly, you may not even need any soapy or cleanser for the floor.

After vacuuming, dip a microfiber or traditional mop head in a bucket of warm water and wring out the excess liquid. Run the mop over one section of your tile floor, using side-sweeping motions.

Rinse the dirt and dust off the mop head inside a clean bucket of water before dipping it into the fresh bucket of warm water to continue mopping. Use slight pressure when moving across the grouted areas, allowing the mop head to remove any heavy debris inside the small grout lines.

Soapy Solution

Finally, if you have areas of tile that are covered in heavy dirt, dust, or soap scum, mopping with a soapy solution may be necessary. Since you do not have to worry about excess moisture on your tile, consider spraying the faux wood tile with a solution containing three cups of warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap.

After spraying the tile down, go over the entire floor with a damp mop, rinsing off the dirt and dust from the mop head periodically.

Compared to wood, ceramic tile is an easy flooring material to clean. Even though it looks like wood, your faux wood ceramic tile can be cleaned without worry and fear.