When there's too much stuff around your home and around your property, your beautiful house can begin to look and feel uninviting. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you get through the piles of stuff to end up with an organized, clutter-free home that makes you feel at peace.

Rent a Dumpster

Chances are, lots of the stuff you have sitting around can actually be thrown out. All of those old magazines, newspapers and boxes of unknown items would likely go unmissed if you were to toss them out.

Renting a dumpster for a few weeks will give you an easy method of removal. Instead of putting things in a corner to get to at a later date, you'll be able to dispose of them immediately.

Note: Read through the rental contract entirely. There will be things that you cannot dispose of in the dumpster. Things like paint, electronics, and other hard-to-recycle things will need to be disposed of alternatively. Talk with the dumpster rental company for referrals to companies that'll take these items. They may offer a separate program, or they'll be able to direct you to someone that does.

Lease a Storage Unit

Once you get through all of the things that can be thrown out, you'll be left with piles of things that you aren't quite ready to get rid of yet. As you sort through the boxes and bins, try to create three piles – one that you know you need to keep at the house, one for things that you know you aren't ready to get rid of but don't need to be storing at the house, and one for the things that you can sell without missing.

Anything that you aren't ready to get rid of, but that doesn't have a place in your home, can be taken to the storage unit. Then, in a few months or a year, you can return to the storage unit and re-sort through everything again. By that time, you may realize what can be sold and what you'll be holding onto for the next several years.

You should never feel overwhelmed in your own home. If you do, it's time to get busy downsizing the collection of stuff that you have lying about. When you're done, you'll feel so free and your stress levels will decrease tremendously each minute that you keep up with the organization of your new way of living.