Did you get a fantastic deal on a previously used office partly because it was left in a mess? Maybe the previous owners were evicted, and they chose to leave the mess behind out of spite. Whatever the reason that the office needs serious attention, obviously you have to make it look nice before you and your customers can be in it. From getting a working crew from your own list of employees to hiring professionals, here are some ideas that might help you.

Your Own Employees - Do you have enough willing employees that you could do the cleaning yourselves? That might save you some major money. Think of the things that need to be done and write those chores on a list. Then have your employees sign their names beside the chores they want to complete.

For example, if there's both a men's bathroom and a women's bathroom, a male helper could clean the men's bathroom, and a female helper could clean the women's bathroom. That just makes sense, right? Think of teaming up to do things like window cleaning. One person could be on the inside and another person could be on the outside, thus getting that job done more rapidly. A team would be great for cleaning tile floors, too. After one person sweeps, the next person could mop while yet a third person follows with a towel under his or her feet to shine up the floors.

​Commercial Cleaning - If you feel uncomfortable using your own employees to clean the previously used offices, think of hiring a professional commercial cleaning crew to do the job. They'll have the training and the experience to think of every single detail. For example, the cleaning crew won't just clean the floors. They'll also pay attention to cleaning all of the floor boards. If you have fans In the office, the fan blades will even be dusted and cleaned. 

Hiring professional cleaners might cost some money, but it will probably be more affordable than you thought it would be. Plus, they can do the job in a very safe way. For example, if you have tall windows, or huge picture windows that are hard to reach, the cleaning service will have the right equipment to do that job. They will use cleaning products that are environmentally safe, too.

Think of making arrangements for the commercial cleaners to return to your office on a regular basis, maybe even every evening, or maybe once a week. When your office is super clean, the cleaning expense will be worth every penny you spend.