Just about every company or business out there puts together some kind of party or potluck for their employees as the calendar moves forward into the holiday season. Celebrating the holidays or a great year for your business with your employees can be a lot of fun, but it could also end up creating a mess if you're not careful. If you want to make it all the way to the New Year with your office still in good shape, here are some tips that might help.

Protect or Cover Equipment or Critical Areas

If the party is taking place not in a lobby or meeting room but right in the middle of the main work area, you should take care to make sure that any important equipment or documents are out of harm's way. That might mean covering up important electronics or moving filing cabinets to another area. You don't want a spilled drink to end up ruining a computer or destroying valuable company data.

Add Extra Trash Cans and Create Signs

There's going to be more trash accumulating during this holiday party than your office is probably equipped for. People will be tossing paper plates with leftovers, and there might be some empty bottles, cans, or plastic cups going around too. In order to make trash disposal easier, add some extra-large trash cans and add a sign labeling each one for a specific kind of trash. Leftover food into one, and bottles into another. Hopefully, your employees will respect the space by disposing of their trash, but a friendly reminder also can't hurt.

Hire Professional Help

If you are throwing a truly massive party, you might need to bring in some outside help both before and after the shindig. Before the event, you can have a janitor come in and make sure your office or event space looks great. They can clean the bathrooms, wipe the countertops, empty the trash cans to make room for the party, and so on.

But the big deal is really after the party. Bring in a company that offers office janitorial services, and you can avoid having a nervous breakdown trying to clean up everything on your own. You can also cut loose a little bit more yourself during the party, without worrying too much about what the clean up is going to look like. With a little help, you can have the office looking great again by the time everyone comes back the following Monday.