Tiles have been used for floors and walls for many years. They are popular because they do a good job of offering flooring, as well as décor, that is durable and that looks good. Tiles can be chosen that are very small, very large, and any shape in-between. You can learn about tile maintenance and cleaning by reading the information that's here.

The hardest part of tile to clean

Tile itself isn't hard to clean because it generally has a smooth surface. In fact, as long as you stay on top of it, you will normally find that you can wipe it clean with a rag and some tile cleaner and it will look great. However, it is the grout that you are going to have a harder time with. When you don't clean the grout well, it will make the tile floor or shower walls look dirty, no matter how clean the actual tile is. Dirt and grime will be in the grout and since the grout frames all the tiles, it will negatively affect the look.

What can lead to dirty grout

There are many things that can cause grout to become dirty. Since it is generally used as flooring or for the walls and floor of showers, grout will come into contact with a lot of things like water, dust, dirt, soap scum, and more. In fact, the fact that tile is also generally in rooms where there is dampness and warmth, mildew and mold can quickly begin to grow in grout and it can be hard to get control of once it starts to grow.

Why grout gets so dirty

While the fact that grout is used in tile generally on floors and showers means it will be in areas more prone to becoming dirty, there are other reasons for it getting dirty easy as well. Grout is porous by design and this means that when it comes into contact with dirt and other grime, those things will stick to it. Also, the fact that the grout is in-between tile, but sinks in to a lower level also means things will get ground into it and it will be harder to reach between the tiles to clean the grout.

Why grout cleaning is important

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to keep grout clean. For one thing, clean grout can make tile look fantastic. Also, dirty grout can be an irritant for those who have allergies or breathing conditions. Also, dirty grout can pose health risks because of the many different types of bacteria that can be in the grout.

Grout cleaning, when properly and routinely done, keeps your areas where you have tile looking clean and making cleaning up easier.