When you are hiring a roof cleaning service, you might think that the only service you're receiving is that the roof will be washed down. However, there are many services you'll receive that you may have never heard of if you've never hired a roof cleaning service before. The company will not simply be spraying the roof down with bleach but will be using sodium hypochlorite.

Use of Sodium Hypochlorite

When this chemical is applied to your roof, any algae is killed and mostly removed. The roof is then rinsed down and any residue left behind will be eliminated when it rains. This chemical is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals available because of how the chemicals break down when the roof is rinsed down or after rain. However, the chemical can be very strong and needs to be handled properly.

Fortunately, when you are hiring a roof washing service, you are paying for professionals who know how to use chemicals properly. They will be able to restore your roof to its former glory without damaging it. Education is essential because there are several obstacles you might encounter when attempting to clean your roof such as:

  • A hot day
  • No gutters
  • A steep roof
  • A low water supply

An experienced roof washing expert will know how to overcome these obstacles.

The Roof Cleaning Process

Dirt and debris can accumulate in several areas of your roof including the gutters, valleys, and the area behind the chimney. They have equipment that assists them in cleaning areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. 

Different types of roofs need different cleaning processes. For example, asphalt shingles should not be pressure washed because this can damage the shingles. Clay and concrete tiles should not be cleaned using abrasive chemicals. Wood shingles are delicate and must be cleaned with care. Slate shingles will change color if you use ammonia. Metal roofs are durable and can handle most cleaning methods as long as you protect them from corrosion using the right coating.

Roof Inspections

By having someone wash your roof, you'll also have someone who is inspecting your roof for signs of damage and other potential problems. Then, they can recommend you to another service that may be able to carry out the repairs. With all of the advantages that a roof cleaning company brings, there is no reason to wash your roof yourself.