When you have pets at home that have access to the windows, it's easy for the windows to become dirty. From streaks left by salvia to pet hair that can build up around the window frame or screen, a lot of mess can accumulate that you need to address to get the windows clean again.

If you're interested in hiring window cleaners and are hesitant because of having pets, consider the following steps for getting the best results for the window cleaning.

Remove Pet Hair First

Pet hair can become difficult to remove once cleaning begins when water is included. Since pet hair can stick to the windows and screens once you or professional cleaners apply the cleaning solution, it's best to have it removed first.

Removing pet hair can be as simple as running a lint brush over the screen or using a vacuum with a handheld attachment. With these tools, you can thoroughly remove any pet hair and begin cleaning the windows without it being in the way.

Carefully Clean the Glass

The glass on your windows could have become streaked and dirty if your pet has access to them. This could be due to saliva from your dog licking the windows or marks from your pet's paws touching the glass.

With this in mind, taking care to clean the glass can help remove any mess that your pets could have caused. Deeper cleaning can also make the windows much more effective at bringing in natural light because any streaks will be removed.

Prevent Dirty Windows

With pets at home, it's likely that the windows will need another deep cleaning to get rid of wear that they could cause. Making sure that the windows are deep cleaned can be as simple as reducing the access your pets have. This could mean moving furniture away from the windows to make it difficult for your pets to reach them. By removing such easy access, the windows will stay a lot cleaner and you can make sure that your pets won't damage the windows either.

With the intention to clean your windows, it's best to see what kind of cleaning should be done with your pets and the mess they can make in mind. By seeing what steps you can take, cleaning should give you much more effective results and making your home look free of pet messes from both the inside and outside. For more information, contact window cleaning service.