Getting office cleaning service can help enhance work efficiency, boost productivity, and improve the company's image. But, all these benefits will be realized when you work with a reputable office cleaning company that ensures all your office hygiene needs are met. 

You also need to know various ways to get more out of the cleaning service to maximize the benefits. This post will share several tips to help you bargain for advantages when signing an office cleaning contract with your service provider.

Hire Office Cleaners That Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Working with a commercial cleaning company that uses green cleaners will come in handy. Once the office is cleaned, there won't be any harmful elements that could cause health problems to the workers or customers. Such cleaning products are beneficial to human health, meaning everyone will be healthier and safe.

Choosing to hire a green cleaning service will also boost your company's image, particularly if the clientele you serve cares about the environment. Additionally, your company is likely to receive green-related tax deductibles.

Confirm If Cleaners Can Combine Specialized Services with Routine Services

Most companies that offer janitorial services usually charge affordable rates for services like cleaning offices, kitchen areas, restrooms and staircases, and removing trash. If you need specialty cleaning (grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor polishing, or window cleaning), you can ask if they can handle the task on your behalf before engaging other specialty cleaners. 

If they are experienced in such specialty cleaning tasks, consider assigning the tasks to them. The chances are that they will offer better rates for quality service.

Share Your Expectations and Objectives in Advance

Before the first cleaning session, you should speak to your service providers about your goals and expectations. Inform them of the primary areas that should be cleaned like the common areas, entryways, restrooms, balconies, and the individual offices or secure rooms with sensitive equipment or documents. Make sure you speak clearly so the cleaning professionals can create a customized plan that meets your expectations.

Offer Feedback After Several Jobs

Most cleaning companies prefer getting feedback from their clients once the task is complete. This helps them gauge if customers are satisfied and identify areas they need to improve. So once your cleaning experts complete the first few jobs, be sure to provide feedback. Ensure you are clear, constructive, and detailed. You may even do a walk-through to point out the areas or spots they may have missed or done well.