Congratulations on taking a broad step to move, irrespective of the reason. Change has never been easy, but you can make the transition seamless by ensuring your home sells fast. If you want your home to stand out, you should thoroughly clean it before putting it up for sale. Here is a cleaning checklist you should accomplish before listing your home.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

You need your house clean and disinfected before moving. So, you need to shop for cleaning agents beforehand. You might need disinfecting cleaners, white vinegar, baking soda, different brushes, fabric protectors, rubber gloves, soft scrubbers, and dusting cloths. Make a list of the cleaning supplies you need, factoring the other materials on your countertop and floor to avoid causing damage.

Clean the Kitchen and Countertops

When considering space, square feet, and appliances, the kitchen leads. That is why most buyers inspect the kitchen during house visits. Clean the kitchen and ensure it's spotless. Clear the countertops by removing small appliances and tucking them in boxes to get enough space to deep clean.

Remember, different kitchen surfaces will need different cleaning agents. For example, stainless steel needs to be cleaned by a different agent than granite. Ensure you wash the dishes and sort the kitchen appliances. Polished appliances can increase the value of your home.

Start From the Top to the Bottom

Cleaning all over the place is tiresome and ineffective. Cleaning top to bottom is more effective because dust falls as you clean. So, for example, if you are cleaning the kitchen, if you begin by cleaning the countertop before the shelves, the dust from the shelves will land on the counter again, forcing you to re-clean. Clean from the top and work your way downwards to avoid cleaning twice.

Don't Forget Windows, Walls, Door Frames, and Lighting Fixtures

These areas are often forgotten during regular cleaning. Give your windows, blinds, and door frames a good wipe down. Use a window cleaner to remove stains or other marks from the glass.

Get a damp cloth for the door frames. Also, wipe down the wall and lighting fixtures where dust accumulates over time, forming a sticky layer. However, be careful and use a dry cloth when wiping around lighting fixtures and light switch covers to avoid electric shock.

Finish Off by Cleaning the Bathroom

Your bathroom is an important room, and thus, you should leave it sparkling and germ-free. As you clean the bathroom, remove any mold and mildew. Polish up the faucets and leave them bright and shiny to catch the eyes of the buyer. 

This residential cleaning checklist can help you feel prepared for moving and get your house ready to be sold.