If you have a dog or cat that has been urinating on your home's carpeting, you likely want to stop this action completely and remove the odor from your floors as well. Here are steps you can take to remove the odor caused by pet urine from carpets.

Blot A Fresh Wet Spot From Your Carpet

When you discover your pet has urinated on your carpet, you need to remove as much moisture from the area as soon as you can. Place a clean, dry towel directly on the wet area and use a stack of books or another item with a few pounds of weight directly on the towel. This will help to press the towel into the carpet, making it more likely to absorb the urine. Remove the towel after several minutes and repeat the process with a new towel and weighted item or items.

Spray The Area To Add New Moisture

Place water inside of a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet where urine is present. Start along the outside perimeter of the wet portion and work your way toward the center. This helps to keep the moisture from dragging additional urine toward new areas of your carpet.

Use An Enzymatic Cleaner On The Carpet

Enzymatic cleaners are available at pet stores and home goods stores to reduce odor from material items. These work at breaking down the compounds that comprise the urine, making it so they no longer emit odor. There are a variety of fragrances available to choose from. If you would like to make your own cleaning agent that works in the same way, add a few spoonfuls of cinnamon and some orange peels inside a spray bottle filled with water. Shake the ingredients before using. 

Deal With Older Urine Stains Similarly

If you find spots where urine had already dried on your carpeting, it likely left a stain behind. Treat these areas in the same way as fresh stains, however, instead of spraying them with water before using an enzymatic cleaner, use the enzymatic cleaner right away. Spray the area well and keep a weighted item on a towel on top of the stain overnight. The next day, remove the towel and retreat the stain again and use a fresh towel on the area. On the following day, use a steam cleaner to remove all the moisture from your carpet.

For more information on pet urine odor removal, contact a professional near you.