If you have a fireplace and a chimney it is important that you keep these things maintained. One way to do this is by hiring a chimney sweeper to keep the chimney clean. There are many benefits of doing this, three of which are listed below.

Prevent a Fire

Over time, creosote builds up inside a chimney. Creosote is like a sticky black tar substance that builds up on the chimney walls. This is caused by smoke not entirely escaping out of the chimney. In the beginning, creosote is easy to clean but over time it gets much thicker and sticker making it almost difficult to clean off the chimney walls.

What is dangerous about creosote is it can easily catch on fire. If this happens, the fire will spread up through the chimney and onto the roof of your home. The fire may also go down and into the interior of your home. Hiring a chimney sweep on a regular basis will prevent creosote from building up. If it has already built up, however, a chimney sweeper can clean it off for you. 

Keep Air Cleaner

A chimney should pull smoke out of your home immediately if it is working properly. If there is a lot of soot, creosote, etc. built up, the smoke is not filtered properly out of the chimney. Instead, this smoke can get inside your home. 

Even a small amount of smoke from a fireplace can affect the air. People can breathe this in and cause them to become sick. If you have someone in your home with respiratory conditions, this can especially affect them.  Keeping the chimney clean will prevent any of this from happening. Carbon monoxide can also get out of the chimney, and this can cause problems and even death. A clean chimney will eliminate this chemical but if it is dirty, it cannot do this job. 

Extend Chimney Life

Your chimney can last you for many years if it is kept in good condition. How long it lasts depends on the type of chimney you have and the type of chimney liner you use. If you have your chimney cleaned regularly, this can help extend its life. 

This can save you a great deal of money as replacing a chimney can get expensive. Even making chimney repairs can cost you a lot of money. Hire a chimney sweeper and they can prevent this from happening. 

The chimney sweeper that you hire can tell you of more benefits this offers you. Reach out to a company like A. B. Richards Professionals to learn more.